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Tigressa H2O carpet is pet proof!

Tigressa H2O Logo - Soft, Strong, Waterproof

Tigressá® has it all – it’s softer, stronger, and greener than other carpet. Ultra-fine fibers give it a luxuriously plush softness, thousands of microstrands spread out evenly to prevent crushing and matting, and because it’s made with recyclable materials, it’s better for the environment and your home. And now, with Tigressá H2O, it has even more to offer – it’s waterproof, pet proof and kid proof!

Tigressá H2O is made with an exclusive backing that acts as a moisture barrier, so liquids can’t soak through to carpet cushion or subfloors. That gives you more time to clean up. Even if you miss the spill the first time, this backing keeps it toward the surface so you can still clean it completely! Plus, it features new advanced repel technology that dissipates all household and pet odors in 30 minutes or less!

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Waterproof, Pet Proof, Kid Proof

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