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Flooring Guide
Our inspirational Idea Gallery is an excellent tool to help you find the right floor to match your home's décor or create a whole new look in your home. Get professional design tips and browse photos of our stylish floors to get your creative juices flowing.
About Floors:
We break down the technical information for you, so you can choose the right flooring materials for your needs. Learn how to select the right carpet fiber, which carpet style provides you with the best performance, the benefits of hardwood vs. laminate and how each are constructed, the best rooms for tile, the newest looks in vinyl, and what to expect when having any of these floors installed in your home.
Care & Cleaning:
You can add years to the life of your floor with proper cleaning and regular maintenance. We offer our professional tips on cleaning up spills, vacuuming, mopping, waxing, wood finishes, and how your furnishings and accessories affect the wear of your floors.
Stain Removal:
Whether you have carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile, learn how to remove stains like a pro - and know when it's time to call one in!
Flooring Glossary:
Be in the know and speak the lingo! How wide are modern broadloom carpets? What ever happened to linoleum? Why do I need a different kind of carpet for outdoor areas? What's the difference between a Saxony and a Frieze? Is shag carpet cool? How does tackless installation work? We've got your answers.
View Our Brochures:
Access our library of informational and inspirational brochures designed to help answer the most frequently asked questions.

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