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Designing a new look for your home can be daunting. There are so many choices, themes and colors. Some are too boring, too clean, too cluttered, too daring and just not you. Learn how to create a fresh new look that fits with your lifestyle and reflects your personality.
Watch these videos for tips to make your home more appealing:
Designing a Functional Nursery
Designing a Luxury Bedroom
A Work of Art
Before you start planning the design of your room, decide whether your floor will be the art or a backdrop. While a neutral carpet or floor can make a great canvas for bold furnishings and accessories, abright color or pattern combined with simple furniture can transform your floor into the star of your room.
Adding tile to a small room? Match the grout color as closely as possible to the tile color to make the room look bigger.
Focus on the Floor
An area rug can make a bold statement in an otherwise neutral room – don't be afraid to try out bright color or bold patterns. And, when possible, start your room with a rug, then decorate around it.
A Welcoming Touch
If you're having company that will be staying in a guest bedroom, add an extra-special, personal touch with a vase of fresh flowers. Your guests will be surprised and impressed by your thoughtfulness.
Create Sunshine
Just as carpet in shades of yellow or orange can create the illusion of sunlight in an otherwise dark space, you can brighten your room with a lighter wood or laminate floor to reflect light and make it seem more spacious.
Au Naturel
Furniture and accents made from natural materials, such as rattan, sisal, and seagrass, pair well with similar color wood flooring for a rustic look.
Get Creative With Tile
Just as carpet in shades of yellow or orange can create the illusion of sunlight in an otherwise dark space, you can brighten your room with a lighter wood or laminate floor to reflect light and make it seem more spacious.
A Rainbow of Pillows
To add a pop of color to any room, throw pillows are all you need! Don't be afraid to try out interesting textures and patterns – pillows are the perfect way to create a fun and unique look.
Listen to Your Heart
Don't be afraid to try your favorite color on the 5th wall of your room – your floor! You can balance even the boldest shades with lighter color furniture and paint. Bright yellows, oranges and reds can warm a room that lacks natural light, while cool blues and greens can add a serene feeling to sunny rooms.
Mix It Up
Love your ultra-modern kitchen and state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances? You can still achieve a feeling of warmth underfoot – try a traditional, earth-tone tile or rich, dark hardwood.
Play with Shape
Look for furniture and accessories with squared edges to complement a tile floor.
Be an Original
If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind look, try hand-scraped or hand-polished hardwood. The hand work means your floor will truly be unique.
Mirror, Mirror
A very easy trick to making a room seem larger and brighter is to hang a mirror on the wall. By placing it opposite a window you can create the illusion of a second outdoor view.
A Dreamy Bedroom
A beautiful comforter or quilt can be all you need to create the perfect bedroom. Angle the bed into the room to make it the focal point – and save a little space too!
Cozy Up to Dark Tones
Rich hardwood and laminate tones, and dark color carpets can add drama to larger rooms, giving them a warmer and more intimate feel.
Choose the Right Rug
Area rugs or carpet with large patterns can make
larger rooms seem more cozy, but will overwhelm a smaller space. For smaller areas, try a solid color or minimal pattern.
Create a Room with a (Bigger) View
Covering your windows with curtains can drastically limit their impact on your space. Instead, choose a curtain rod that extends past the edges of your window, so that when the curtains are open, the whole window is visible. This will let in more light and make your room appear larger.
Walk the (Right) Plank
Choose a hardwood or laminate plank width that is relative to the size of your room. For instance, you can make a smallish room look more spacious with a narrower plank; while wider planks can help to ground a large room.
Make a Turn for the Better
By installing hardwood, laminate or tile floors on the diagonal, you can create the illusion of a larger room, while adding visual interest to your floor.
Go Wild
Add character to an otherwise neutral room with a bold accent pattern – like zebra or leopard print. Whether it's an area rug, throw pillow, chair, or curtains, it's sure to get attention.
Go Big
A big wall can be a challenge to decorate. For a
quick and beautiful fix, look for a large-scale mirror, or other art or décor piece that will make a statement in your room.
Think Outside the Brown
Get creative with hardwood (and wood-look laminate). Add drama to your room with a gray, black, or white color wood.
Make a New Room with a Rug
Large, shapeless rooms (like many basements) can benefit from an area rug or two. Use rugs to define a living space – group furniture together around a rug to make a cozy meeting place.



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